ASAAL in no way seeks to threaten any existing labor or community organization nor attempts to undermine the existing leadership within the labor movement rather ASAAL wants to work with the aid of local, national, and international unions.

ASAAL realizes, in recent years, that organized labor is under attack all across this nation. The Tea Party everywhere is trying to destroy the labor movement and we as progressive activists that must be pro-active in furthering our cause. They are trying to take away union workers hard-earned rights and benefits! ASAAL will do everything in protecting what our labor community has already won.

ASAAL seeks to fulfill the dream of those South Asian American Laborers who are struggling to establish their voices to be heard, their issues to be discussed, their courage to be recognized and their leadership to be accepted within the existing labor union movement and in the community they live.

ASAAL believes an active, educated, and mobilized South Asian American community can become a strategic partner and supporter of elected officials. ASAAL will pursue the objective of integrating South Asian Americans with the labor movement and political system by being involved in the electoral process.

ASAAL wants to build a movement that would bring all our commitment, strengths, and varied talents to join the unending effort to achieve economic, political, and social justice for every South Asian worker in particular and every American worker in general.


The basic objectives of ASAAL are as follows:

Improve economic development and employment opportunities for South Asian American workers.

Work within the framework of the existing laws, rules, and regulations to provide a voice and vehicle for greater South Asian American and minority participation.

Insure that all South Asian American workers are treated with professionalism, dignity, and respect at their respective work places.

Increase involvement among South Asians in voter registration, voter education, voter turnout, and participation.

Provide a political voice for South Asian American workers in both local and national politics.
Advocate comprehensive immigration reform, provide rational avenues for legal immigration, and support effective border control.

Present a forum for all South Asian American workers to discuss problems and provide solutions to issues concerning our unique and diverse workforce.

Insure there is equal opportunity of employment for all South Asian American workers who are qualified.
Actively support civil rights and civic groups working to improve living and working conditions.
Increase effective political alliances between labor and the general public, and

Organize unorganized workers anywhere possible.

ASAAL wants to educate and train it’s members, mobilize voters to increase South Asian American participation in the political process, and engage local communities to increase their awareness of the labor movement and issues that affect their communities.

ASAAL strongly opposes Child Labor worldwide especially anywhere that children are abused in below standard working conditions forcing them to work measurably long hours, and/or receiving less than the minimum wage.

ASAAL vehemently opposes the outsourcing of our jobs to foreign nations. American jobs must stay here for Americans. This outsourcing practice is depriving American workers from obtaining meaningful employment forcing them to be unemployed and thus weakening the American economy. This must stop, now!

Furthermore, ASAAL is committed to forging ties with our local and national brothers and sisters of the labor movement to continue the fight for worker justice by seeking better pay, improved benefits, dignity on the job, and a voice in the workplace world wide.

To that end, ASAAL will continue to insist that South Asian workers, from Bookkeepers to Zookeepers and from community members to leaders, become full partners in the struggle ahead and take leadership in bringing our families, friends, and our communities to the future. We welcome your active participation.



Founded 2008

Board Members – 30
Staff – 4
Members –  5,000


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Job Fairs
Civil Rights